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The society magazine is mailed out to members three times in each subscription year. Professionally put together, each issue has 52 glossy pages, all in colour. Articles, features, full page "Prisoner" photos and centre spreads appear in each edition. Below are the most recent covers which are followed by the Sample Articles section:




What's it All About?!


One of the key ingredients in those who admire 'The Prisoner', is to ask the above question. From the very founding of 'Six of One', there has been much discussion and debate amongst members. Of course, one of the great joys of this series is its ambiguous nature, so allowing for a wide array of interpretations. It is generally agreed that there is no one single 'right' answer. Over the decades our various periodicals, in addition to interviews with those involved in the making of this series, news, reviews, etc., there have been countless articles, sometimes resulting in long-running discussions, as members submit their interpretations and reasoning on various aspects and topics that comprise McGoohan's personal project. Here we reproduce a selection of them.



On this page you will find links to a collection of articles penned by Society founding member David Barrie. These articles were originally published in society magazines between 1994 and 2018 and appeared across a range of publications including In the Village, Six4Two, and Orange Alert. Due to the lack of original print material and unavailbility of "electronic" copies, the on-screen quality may not be perfect, but we hope that you will nevertheless find them illuminating. 


Each article is listed by title (which is the link to the document), summary and where it was originally published. Note that some articles included single and double page images which have not been reproduced and that some of the content has been reformatted for ease of reading.


Article Title Summary Original Publication
Observation Point: In the Land of Dark Dreams and Long Shadows A reappraisal of the enigmatic episode Dance of the Dead with contributions from writer Anthony Skene and Editor John S Smith In the Village: Issue 3 - Summer 1994
Observation Point: The Last Waltz

A further post-mortem on the enigmatic Prisoner episode Dance of the Dead

In the Village: Isse 7 - Summer 1995
Observation Point: A Change of Mind The will of one or more to impose a way of thinking whether political, social, or religious begs the quesion: Is one person's reality any more valid than another's? In the Village: Issue 8 - Autumn 1995
S is for Schizoid

An examination of the episode Schizoid Man and related terms beginning with the letter "s"

In the Village: Issue 17 - Winter 1998
Desert Island Dave (Part 4) Speeches and readings after the convention chess game, exactly 39 years after the very first one-day convention in 1977 Six4Two: Issue 6 - Summer 2016
Brainbashing The Prisoner - 2015 Convention event

Individuals and groups choose their favourite scenes,

settings and characters

Six4Two: Issue 7 - Autumn 2016
Of Moby Dick, Patrick McGoohan, and Cheese Lover Wallace

Peter Sallis Autobiography and his memories of working

with Patrick McGoohan

Six4Two: Issue 8 - Spring 2017
The 2017 Brain Bash: Is there a Favourite Episode? Results of member polls between 1978 and 2017 with particular emphasis on three McGoohan scripted episodes Six4Two: Issue 9 - Summer 2017


The following are a short series of essays, each of some 3000 words, that seek to explore, analyse, and appraise the concluding five episodes.


Questions are a Burden to Others - Fall Out McGoohan's enigmatic conclusion Orange Alert: Issue 1 - Autumn 2017
Questions are a Burden to Others - Once Upon a Time McGoohan's brilliant battle with McKern Orange Alert: Issue 2 - Spring 2018
Questions are a Burden to Others - Girl who was Death Deadlier than the male Orange Alert: Issue 3 - Summer 2018
Questions are a Burden to Others - Living in Harmony The allegory within an allegory. A dream within the dream? Orange Alert: Issue 4 - Autumn 2018
Questions are a Burden to Others - Face unknown The dos and do nots of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling Orange Alert: Issue 5 - Spring 2019