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“What’s it All About?”


“The series was posing the question, has one the right to tell a man what to think, how to behave… Has one the right to be an individual? I wanted the audience to ask questions, argue, and think.” Patrick McGoohan . . . 


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The purpose of this introduction is to address two questions. Firstly, what is the essence and appeal of a 1960s TV series that made such a significant cultural impact that; it transcended the medium; it influenced a generation, then evolved into common currency as it became part of the fabric of society, and is now . . .


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As the pilot, ‘Arrival’ is the most complex and information intense of all the episodes, its task being to introduce so many novel ideas and concepts, virtually all previously unknown, nor encountered. Not just a parallel world, but one that many might never imagine could exist. Just as ‘Arrival’ introduces the viewer . . .


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There are arguments both for and against the suitability of screening ‘Chimes of Big Ben’ to follow ‘Arrival’. In favour is that it has a conventional plot structure that shares some of the characteristics of the pilot, focussing as it does on a new fellow prisoner and an escape attempt, whilst it still poses philosophical . . .


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Most of the action here takes place either in the hidden dark heart of the Village, or, cleverly escaping the Village environment altogether, transported to a (studio bound) Paris. Given the absence of location footage, excepting that for linking scenes, perhaps surprisingly, this episode has always ranked highly in . . .


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Despite rigorous research, nowhere have I been able to find any interview where McGoohan has discussed ‘Free for All.’ He did once say, “I wrote it with 1984 in mind,” but this is likely to have been a general statement rather than specific. As we have discussed in the chapter, ‘Inspiration, Origins, and Sources’. . .


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