"The Prisoner" is copyright ITV. Six of One is the only appreciation society for “The Prisoner” that has achieved official acknowledgement and recognition. All copyright material is used with permission which is non-transferrable.




Six of One is an informal society which was formed at the end of 1976 for the appreciation of the television series "The Prisoner". Names and addresses of members are held on a secure encrypted database and these details are held in trust and never passed to third parties and no other data is held. Subscriptions paid online or by post are used mainly for the production, printing and posting of society mailings.


The names of persons administering and organising Six of One from time to time appear in the society's magazines. If any information is required about the society please refer to our society details below or use the "Contact" facility. A copy of the society details is also provided to all new members with their first mail-out of the subscription season. If your joining application cannot be accepted, a full refund will be made to you.


These details clarify the overall situation in relation to the society for the benefit of potential new members and can also act as a reference for existing members who wish to refresh their knowledge about any aspect of Six of One. With the current existence of 'freedom of information', data protection, human rights and mass communications, it is necessary to understand precisely how the society is organised and to avoid infringing any rights or laws.


Six of One tries to operate outside 'the Village' and keeps officialdom and bureaucracy to a minimum, and while these details might be regarded as such, they are simply a record and only need to be read once! For members’ information, there are also FAQs about our convention at


For convention registrations contact: Convention Registration, 63 Pensyflog, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, N.Wales, LL49 9LD, UK. For enquiries email: or register online at


Six of One operates on its past record and the official recognition it has enjoyed from owners and distributors of the series, actors and crew, and associated contacts like Portmeirion Hotel. It was felt, however, that there was a need for clarification in these days of the Internet, anonymous email, newsgroups and non or past members who retain an interest in the series. Six of One merely wishes to continue its own operations and therefore the details below should make the society's position clear. In this way, Six of One is not putting controls on any other individuals or activities outside the society but merely preserving its own position, for the benefit of members.


About Six of One


Six of One, formally established in 1977, is a non-profit society. Officially recognised over the years by ITC, PolyGram, Carlton International Media Limited, Granada Ventures and now ITV, the society operates on a subscription basis. Apart from an annual convention and local meetings, the society organises no other events - except occasional special events - and produces no merchandise for sale outside the membership except for the clearance of surplus back catalogue material, the proceeds from which are fed back into the society to help fund new material and limited souvenir packs.


For many years Six of One has been given exemption from VAT and the material provided comprises mainly reading and printed matter. The society enjoys a close relationship with Portmeirion Hotel, where the “Prisoner” series was filmed. The Honorary President of Six of One until his passing in 2009 was Patrick McGoohan, who accepted the position at the time of the society's official inception, the Sixth of the First, 1977. Six of One is an informal society and is coordinated through various individuals who provide services in their spare time and without payment (save for reimbursement of printing, postage, production and event costs etc).


Minimal data is held on behalf of individual members on computer, in correspondence and on written subscription cards, for the purposes of membership and providing mailings. The information is not provided to any source outside the society, except accommodation booking details required by Portmeirion, or by the society's own event organisers. The society does not exist to create any legal relations between its members or its outside contacts. Six of One is and has always been created for the sole purpose of appreciating the TV series, “The Prisoner”. No responsibility can be accepted by the society for loss of items or damage to property at events or other occurrences giving rise to any claim, whether in respect of injury or otherwise. Individual responsibility and personal risk acceptance applies to all members at all times.


Subscription to Six of One


Joining the society is by using the online subscription facility or by sending a society joining form by post with the required amount to the society's postal address. Subscribing using either method is on the basis that new members or renewing members join or renew according to the society printed details, whether online or supplied in ongoing mailings. If joining procedures are not followed or if renewal of subscriptions does not occur as required, membership of the society may be treated as having lapsed. It is only while current membership subsists that mailings will be sent. If changes of address are not notified or joining or renewal procedures are not followed, the society is under no obligation to replace lost or missed mailings. Six of One reserves the right to deny any new application for membership or renewal if deemed appropriate.


Payments should always be made to 'Six of One', otherwise it will not be possible to process membership applications. Overseas members should check with their bank, post office or convenience store as to whether the method of payment being sent will be capable of being encashed in the UK. An annual subscription to the society entitles members to receive a welcome letter and items, 3 main mailings, including the society magazine and a summer annual subscription renewal form. Postage within the UK and overseas is included in all the subscription figures. No additional benefits accrue to members apart from sharing in the information and presentations which the society offers. Membership runs from July 1st - June 30th each twelve months.


Subscription Material


A subscription to the society signifies acceptance of the details in this notice and the society's terms and conditions. With regard to subscription funds, if necessary and where possible an amount might be held towards the next subscription year's mailing(s), while production is also enabled by continuing and incoming subscriptions. The society reserves the right to revise the annual subscription amount from time to time (but not during any current subscription year), as well as the content, size, quality and frequency of mailings (normally three times a year). For this reason, renewing members are always asked to send renewal subscriptions as early as possible as this helps the administration team with forward planning. After receipt of subscription material, no refunds later during the year can be provided, apart from in exceptional circumstances.


The society may offer back numbers and past issues from time to time and to the extent that this is possible. All funds received from sale of convention packages or past mailings etc. are used towards creating new material for the society and production costs whether as separate items for sale to members or as ongoing subscription items. After payment of the subscription, members receive all material free, including postage and packing, and are not under any further obligation to the society in terms of providing payment or actions, except for registration fees in respect of events. The society has since its inception enjoyed an ongoing licence to use Prisoner material within its activities for the membership, without payment and this permission cannot be extended or assigned to members or any persons.


For queries concerning subscriptions there is an email address: Please note that members should not use the society name or address on an official basis without approval.


Members are always asked and encouraged to provide contributions for the society magazine mailings. Letters or contributions should be emailed to


Society dealings


Members are asked to have due respect for the society and its fellow members, its organisation, the interests of “Prisoner” rights holders, Portmeirion Hotel, or any other venues at which a society event is held. The society operates a non-discriminatory policy in all ways and intends fairness and openness in its dealings. Members are asked to respond in a similar manner and the society reserves the right to cancel membership (with appropriate refund) in any serious case where after due consideration it does not appear appropriate to continue the membership. The society acknowledges that over the years it has enrolled thousands of members and there are also thousands of individuals who have access to the Internet and a vast amount of unofficial “Prisoner” material.


The society therefore has provided these details in order to clarify that for individual activities involving “The Prisoner”, whether in respect of members or non-members or past members, Six of One cannot be held responsible in this respect. Members should not assume that any official-looking material on the Internet or from other non-Six of One sources is genuine. Any declaration that an item or activity has been produced or arranged with the endorsement of Six of One should not be relied upon unless society subscription material has made this clear.


 Any description of products, activities or websites given within the mailings is to be regarded as being for the information of members only and it should not be inferred that Six of One endorses these things, or implies suitability or security. The views and opinions expressed by members within the society's mailings are their own and the society reserves the right to edit comments where appropriate. The current society magazine from time to time is the responsibility of the editor and the individuals whose contributions appear and any material or commentary is to be treated on that basis.


Every attempt is made to verify the accuracy and authenticity of submitted items, plus the identity of the sender, but in the case of emailed submissions it should be borne in mind that source and origin cannot always be verified.


Internet dealings and non-society websites


Six of One has enjoyed an enviable reputation for quality and value over many years and intends to continue to promote the society and appreciation of “The Prisoner” at all future times.

The society is aware that non-members sometimes attend Six of One meetings or events, as well as visiting the society's website or expressing opinions about the society or “The Prisoner” on the Internet or in newsgroups. The society's connection is only with its current members and Six of One is not associated with other persons or groups or with views expressed from anonymous sources. The society also operates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but has no responsibility for any other such accounts operated by persons who are not part of the society's administration or organising team.


The society cannot vouch for the accuracy of any questionable statements made outside the society. If you have any questions, concerns or queries, they can be addressed to the society at any time via email or verbally at our social gatherings. Confidential responses or general replies can be provided by contacting Six of One via email at

Members are reminded that where some individuals post messages to bulletin boards, message boards, newsgroups, chat rooms or by email etc., use of the Internet often involves anonymity, a pen-name or a false name. For the avoidance of doubt, Six of One's administration team's policy is never to post any responses to any deliberately misleading comments or criticism outside the society. In cases beyond the society, where Six of One has no control, a non-response can be the only appropriate policy. No similar negative or critical comments or responses have been made by Six of One during the time that such non-society websites have been in operation. Members are therefore reminded to use their discretion and where in doubt, to check with the society's administration team.


There are other websites operated from within Six of One, including ones from France and Germany. These are clearly interlinked on each website and are the only ones which can be classed as "official". No responsibility is accepted by the society's administration team in respect of any statements or actions arising or occurring from the use of the Internet. If members are in doubt about the validity of any statement or activity they should please contact Six of One first at before taking any steps or paying money.


The same applies to Internet auctions websites where items are offered for sale by individuals. There is often past Six of One material (perhaps being sold by former members) or there might be items claimed to be official or original memorabilia. Six of One cannot accept any responsibility for online auction transactions which are organised by private individuals. Items relating to “The Prisoner” are also sold by Portmeirion and can be found from time to time online.


In short, the society exists to preserve interest in “The Prisoner” and to provide information about the series, along with a forum for the free exchange of constructive views and criticism. The right is reserved not to use submissions sent with only a pen-name or anonymously. Where members wish for their own name and address to be withheld in mailings, the request can be made at the time of submission. However, only the general geographical area is stated in mailings where a member submits a contribution and addresses are never disclosed without permission (apart from the limited examples stated above, regarding event bookings).


All material received from members for publication is accepted in good faith and on the basis that a member has given accurate and permitted details. In the event that this is not the case, the society will be regarded as having acted in good faith and will not be liable for any hurt or other loss arising, beyond giving an apology or relying upon justification or fair comment.


Postal Matters


The society receives money from within the UK and from overseas and payments are sometimes lost in the post or are incorrectly made out. If payments have not been received, the society will review each case with regard to its individual details but is not liable for payments lost through no fault of the society. In these circumstances members are requested to make compensation claims through the appropriate postal sources.


Payments are sometimes received which are non-negotiable, for example, from outside the USA and any loss to members or potential members as a result of sending the wrong kind of payment cannot be the subject of a refund. Also any delay in sending the correct method of payment does not guarantee receipt of the most recent mailing if these are no longer available. However, in these circumstances the society will try and reserve the particular mailing so that it can be held pending receipt of the correct method of payment.


In the event that mailings or other subscription material is lost or damaged as a result of the postal system, the society will consider replacements if a member will agree to bear the additional postage (see Postal Dealings information below). If there are no spare copies of a mailing which has been lost in the post the society will not be able to make any additional offer. All mailing items are sent out with the correct address and postage, together with other additional required posting labels or markings.


Members should please notify the society as soon as possible of any problems and particularly in respect of any change of address. On occasions the handwriting on membership forms has been difficult to read and members are asked to write their name and address details clearly to avoid postal loss. If any member wishes to have his, her or their name(s) removed from membership records, a request should please be made. For queries concerning society magazine mail-outs, please use the email address:


If letters, enquiries or potential contributions etc. are sent via email to the magazine editor, it should be clearly stated if any of the material is not intended for publication. In these cases the request of members will be respected but all other contributed material is regarded as being offered for possible publication (except in the case of queries or complaints or ordinary membership administration correspondence). Contributions can be sent for the magazine by email to:


Society Finances & Guiding Principles


The following establishes a set of guiding principles upon which the society manages its finances. The society should not be regarded as any form of club, firm or company or other formal association. Six of One is analogous to a 'fan club' and does not operate on a commercial basis. In this regard it can be considered ‘not for profit’.


The administration of the society is the joint responsibility of an organising team. The team comprises a small group of like-minded members who volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of the society as a whole. 


The primary objective of the organising team is to ensure the effective and efficient running of the membership and to organise an annual Convention in Portmeirion, providing good quality and value for money.


The organising team is entrusted with the functions of the society and provides means by which these functions are regulated. This includes setting budgets, financial forecasting, ongoing accounting and end-of-year accounting ultimately resulting in an annual review and setting of membership and convention fees for subsequent years. The treasurer will deal with finances on a day-by-day basis but all financial decisions are shared. The team as a whole is responsible for how funds will be raised and spent. The treasurer will present regular finance updates and annual accounts to the team. This provides a suitable level of transparency and accountability.


The treasurer is supported by a second “signatory” who has access to the bank account and all financial transaction information. This is to ensure accuracy of accounts and to be fully up to speed with the financial operation of the society in the unlikely event that the treasurer is unavailable.


Some larger societies use external auditors and accountants to validate their financial position. Six of One is a relatively small “fan club” and as such, we do not employ such third parties because:


   1. The scale and complexity of our operation is relatively simple and does not logically warrant such treatment.

   2. In comparison to the revenue the society receives, the employment of such parties would be prohibitively expensive and would necessitate significant increases in membership fees.

   3. There is no requirement from the banking provider to implement such processes nor is the society by the nature of its operation liable for any tax or other levies.


New team members are recruited by the team itself, based upon their commitment and areas of expertise in upholding the administrative function of the society.All team members ensure that the society is run fairly and efficiently for no reward whatsoever, either financial or otherwise. Those on the team pay their subscriptions and fees as do all members. However, there is a small contingency for legitimate travel, subsistence and associated expenses.


From time-to-time members’ contacts or members themselves will be paid for specific services, based on their skills, knowledge and/or expertise. These services might be used because of the unique nature of the required task, for example, installing sound and light equipment around the village for the convention. They might also be used in preference to other outside agencies because of their willingness to offer their services at a reduced rate without compromising quality. This action in no way contravenes our pledge to remain not-for-profit.


As no member of the organising team has a vested interest in the financial affairs of the society then it is reasonable to assume that collectively they will exercise due diligence based upon personal integrity and trust.


The team members do not accept individual responsibility or legal liability in respect of material provided to members or activities organised etc. If members offer items for sale through classified advertisements within the society, the responsibility lies between the seller and purchaser and does not fall upon the society or its organising team.


Whilst the organising team is charged with the operation and management of both membership and convention and there is naturally some overlap between the two, these can be effectively considered as separate entities for the purpose of financial accounting.


In general terms, the membership subscription pays for production of the regular four-monthly magazine, postage costs and our website maintenance. The separate convention registration fee covers the event set up, programmes, hall hire, props, guest appearances and hospitality without which the full weekend convention programme would not be possible. The chart opposite gives a  breakdown of how membership and convention fees are spent in a typical year.


Forecasting spending and thus fees for future years are clearly subject to an amount of uncertainty and variability. To ensure that sufficient funds are always available to deal with such uncertainties and potential unexpected costs (as well as variation in membership and convention attendance rates), the society has agreed a reserve of one year’s membership plus convention costs, This is based on standard practice of a comparable organisation with a fixed membership year reserving one times its annual income at year end. Membership numbers and convention registrations fluctuate from year to year and thus, reserves will follow suit in light of any significant changes.


Where possible, the society encourages members to pay electronically in order to maintain a clear and easily accessible financial audit trail. A small proportion of members still pay by cheque and other paper-based means and the treasurer has responsibility for the adequate recording of amounts payable, storage and retention of items for an appropriately defined period.


Email Queries


Members are asked to keep email queries to a minimum. There have been recent cases of people joining online and then sending an email to check whether the payment was received, followed by a further email a few days later stating that nothing had yet been received. In the UK, up to 21 days for receipt of the first mailing in the case of new members who join online should be allowed (or 28 days in the case of members outside the UK who join online). First mailings and joining packs are usually sent out within a week of payment being made but at certain times of the year and when holidays occur, this response time can be longer. In the case of payments not made online, these have to be cleared through the bank first (except for cash or uncrossed postal orders) and this adds an additional week or two to the above time periods, depending upon time of year and holidays etc. In the case of renewals, whether affected online or through a postal payment, the same time factors apply.


See also the next paragraph about postal losses.


Postal Dealings


Occasionally a member reports that a particular mailing has not been received. Where ordinary mailings are sent, the ordinary post and air mail is used. There is nothing more the society can do except to ensure the correct address is used and to apply the correct postage and markings. However, in the case of souvenir packs or other limited merchandise purchases, a certificate of posting is held by the society and sometimes a digital image is taken of the package, as proof of posting. In cases of any loss of such packages, the member must request proof of posting and must claim compensation through the postal service, a process with which the society is pleased to help.


However, as stated previously, replacement of packages lost due to failings in the postal system cannot be the responsibility of the society. For the society to deal effectively with email contacts or enquiries, members should always please include in the message their name and address, for ease of identification. For example, If we simply receive an email from e.g. "villager17" or some other such pen-name, it is difficult or impossible to identify the sender. Subscription records have to be checked and verified and so a query by email needs to contain a member's name and address.


Late renewals can mean that a member does not receive a missed mailing. For example, after renewal forms are sent out in the summer of each year, some members may not renew until late winter. If in the meantime renewals have reduced but new memberships have increased, along with requests for back material, some issues might become no longer available. Therefore, all members intending to renew subscriptions should please do so as soon as possible after receiving a renewal form.


Non-Society Dealings


Six of One cannot approve or authorise projects from outside the society, but the society does at times provide details for awareness of other events, or news; this should not be taken as endorsing the particular event or item.


If members are solicited by non-Six of One sources, please report this information by email to:


Although there have only been a few such instances in the past, it is the practice of some websites, independently run by single individuals, to purport to give information about Six of One. The society has noticed much inaccuracy and negative content from limited sources outside the society.


On some occasions, criticism of the society has even been made where Six of One was unconnected with the particular item or event in question.


GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation (2018)


Regarding the data protection rules (GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation).

We collect information about you in order to provide you with the goods and services you have requested from us, to comply with our contractual obligations and notify you of any changes to our services. The information we collect about you includes your name, address, email and telephone number, which is securely digitally stored. These are also used sometimes for event registration purposes.


Mailing contributions or submissions received from members are regarded as being available for publication unless members state otherwise. Communications received, other than for publication are retained for a reasonable period. In the case of a member whose subscription to Six of One lapses, any correspondence etc. is held for a reasonable period, for reference, in the event that the lapsed member might send a future communication.


Six of One does not hold data in relation to former members, except for correspondence with former members or documentation created by former members. The names of persons administering Six of One are given in each mailing. There may also be informal local group or overseas publications which are the responsibility of the particular organisers. Thus the official output of the society is via its mailings and in the form of its notified events, but all other related publications, Internet content or local events are not covered by the society details and in each case individual circumstances apply.


We do not share any member’s personal information with external companies, businesses or any third parties. The only exception to this is member’s names and addresses/emails to The Portmeirion Hotel when booking accommodation for the convention weekend. Only those members who have booked accommodation through the society will have these details (name, address and email) passed to Portmeirion Hotel, which is necessary in order to facilitate the booking of hotel rooms and self-catering cottages on behalf of those members.

With regards to the official website at we do not use any cookies or collect any data. The nominated Six of One Data Protection Officer is Anthony Brierley who can be contacted by email at:




Six of One has operated successfully for over 40 years and provides regular quality material for members. Annual convention details and other online material can be found on various society websites and those operated by society members.


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